Adding Your Business to OZ Wed

How do you get listed in the OZ Wed Wedding Directory?

It’s pretty simple – do a great job.

Whatever wedding service you offer, do it for the love of doing it.

The word will spread of your company’s exceptional service and the best form of advertising is always word of mouth.

Couples will share their experience with family and friends. And “News” of bad service always spreads quicker than great service.

Make couples happy.

The OZ Wed Wedding Directory was created to list only caring & great service orientated wedding suppliers & venues in Australia.

You know, offer top notch service so couples can have a fun, memorable & enjoyable wedding day experience.

Whether it’s whilst getting their photos taken, looking beautiful, enjoying the wedding reception venue & food, eating the cake and dancing the night away!

We hand pick businesses who consistently excel at what they do.

Want to get listed?… You can let us know about your wedding business here.