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The entertainment at your wedding reception will be one of the most important elements of your wedding day.

Two turntables setup at wedding reception

Some people will remember the flowers, and many of them will reminisce about the food, but the memory that virtually every person will take away from your reception is their experience on your dance floor.

There are a variety of Perth wedding DJs to choose from, so your decision should reflect your taste not only in music but also in humour, ambience, and even culture.

As you interview wedding DJs for your Perth wedding, how can you tell which one represents your best choice for the kind of reception you want to have?

There’s much more to your decision than music. In fact, most wedding DJs bring with them a thorough knowledge of all types of music, and they can play a variety of genres throughout the evening.

After all, not all your guests will appreciate the same rap or dance or alternative or country tunes that the two of you prefer.

The DJ at your wedding can also serve as a master of ceremonies throughout the evening.

Make certain you find  out what his style is—does he keep up a constant but soft background patter or he is right out there matching his tunes with his ‘tude throughout the evening?

Make certain you take the time to watch your final choices for a DJ in action before you sign on the dotted line.

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