Perth Weddings MCs

As you and your fiancé complete your wedding vows and move your family and friends to celebrate at your reception, you’ll need to give some thought to the type of emcee you want for your event.


Plenty of couples underestimate the importance of having an MC who can help guide your reception. The Master of Ceremonies or MC/Emcee for short will help keep a smooth flow to your timeline.

An emcee generally is the leader of the live musical group or the DJ that you’ve chosen for your wedding. This is the person who will shepherd your family and friends through the schedule of events to take place during this fantastic party.

As your guests begin to arrive at the reception, the emcee will make announcements as necessary as things get underway—for example, to direct guests from the cocktail area to the main dining room.

Then, when the bridal party arrives, he will introduce first the bride’s and groom’s parents, then the attendants, and—last but not least—the two of you making your first public appearance as a married couple! When you interview Perth wedding emcees you’ll want to feel a special connection to this person who will do so much to set the tone for your evening.

The emcee will also let your guests know when it’s time for various VIPs of the night to give speeches. He will announce the cake cutting, the bouquet and garter tosses, and everything right up to the last dance of the night or the friendship circle.

You will want someone who interacts easily with people, because no doubt your guests will approach him to talk about musical requests. He should have an easy line of patter that will keep the energy moving along at an even pace throughout the evening. He will be the voice of your wedding reception, someone you will trust completely.

Below are some of the top Western Australia & Perth wedding MC providers.