Perth Wedding Cakes

What flavour wedding cake will you choose: vanilla or chocolate? Red velvet or white almond?


Maybe you’ll choose several layers with raspberry or lemon filling in between. Your wedding cake is going to be the pièce de résistance for your wedding day feast.

As guests enter the reception hall, everyone will take a moment to gaze at this majestic centrepiece. It will be the first food that the two of you eat together as a married couple. Perhaps more importantly, the top layer will stay preserved for a year so that the two of you can share it on your first anniversary.

Considering the selection of Perth wedding cakes will be a monumental but delightful task.

The wonderful thing about the cake is the great flexibility it allows in both price and style. Some brides like to ensure that it will be the cynosure of all eyes, and they spend a thousand or two for an awesome creation. Other brides like to save some of that money toward other expenses and have a no less delectable but a little more traditionally styled cake.

The cake topper you choose really gives you an opportunity to express yourself artistically. Options include whimsical, romantic, religious, or comical toppers.

You can stand a couple atop your cake that are playing a sport, high-fiving, or smooching.

Whether you’d like something a little more abstract and graceful—a newlywed couple in a sweeping embrace—be certain as you talk to the various Perth wedding cake vendors to mention how much room you need on top of the cake.