Perth Wedding Celebrants

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Perth Wedding Celebrants

Name: Nola Walter

Description: Nola Walter is an authorised civil marriage celebrant based in Perth, Western Australia.


Name: Jane Silich

Description: Civil Marriage Celebrant based in Perth, Western Australia


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Tips for Choosing a Celebrant in Perth

The days are gone when a couple married in their neighbourhood church with the district vicar performing the ceremony.

It’s far more common for a couple to book a venue for the ceremony outside of a church.

You can then decide upon a secular or non-secular celebrant to guide you through your vows.

There is a wide selection of Perth wedding celebrants from which to choose.

Many people like to instil some aspect of religion into their ceremony even if they are not getting married in a church.

For you, it may mean that you are standing with your closest family members and friends before God, presenting yourselves to receive His blessing. How much or how little religion you actually include in your ceremony is up to the two of you.

For that reason, you must review your choice of wedding celebrants in the Perth area well ahead of time—maybe even a year in advance, to be certain the person who suits your beliefs will be available on the date you’ve chosen.

  • When you meet with him, you will want to ask questions:
  • Will he marry a couple of mixed ethnicities or religions, if that applies to you?
  • Does he permit you to write your own vows?
  • What traditional ideas does he suggest?
  • Is there any music he will not approve?

You will find that many Perth wedding celebrants bring valuable ideas to the table—after all, helping people through their wedding day is one of their favourite responsibilities, you can be sure!