Perth Wedding Photo Booth Hire

As a bride-to-be, you and your fiancé are undoubtedly racking your brains to think of something special for your reception, an idea that will give your guests a truly memorable, spontaneous moment of their own.


Why not consider a photo booth hire in Perth for your wedding?

Costs vary for this type of added attraction, ranging from $650 to double that amount.

If you trim a little from the cost of your cake or flowers you can easily afford it. The basic photo booths include a booth designed to fit into the corner of a reception venue on caster wheels or with a dolly system, custom backgrounds and borders, and a logo that you choose for your wedding imprinted on the photos.

You also have the option to make it free for your guests or charge them a dollar for a strip of photos—possibly in lieu of a money dance. Most photo booth hires in Perth will provide you with some record of your guests’ photos, either on a flash drive on or a CD.

Many bridal couples take this fun idea to the next level and add some accessories to a basket outside the booth.

You can have some fake moustaches and wigs, bowties, shawls or jackets, sparkling head gear, opera-style masks, and more. T

he great fun about making certain you have copies of the photos is a chance to view your guests in candid shots after your wedding, when they’re simply having fun mugging it up.

People won’t be able to resist—you’re certain to get unforgettable poses of everybody from your best buds to your great Aunt Minnie.

Below are Perth’s finest photo booth hire businesses…

Wedding Photo Booth Hire in Perth

Perth Photo Booth Hire

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Luminance Photography & Photo Booth Hire

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Description: Luminance photography offers photo booth booth hire and photography services in Perth and surrounding areas. Their open air photo booth is great addition to any wedding or function. Visit the website to find out more information.